Mountain Pine Beetle References and Links

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rocky Mountain Blue Stain Pine FAQs                      

Rocky Mountain Blue Stain Pine Myths                   

Beating the Blues                                                          
(Colorado Wood Utlization and Markting)                                                 

Quick Facts: Mountain Pine Beetle
(Colorado State University Extension)

Mountain Pine Beetles in Colorado
(USDA Forest Service)  

Landowner Guide to the MPB
(South Dakota Department of Agriculture)
Colorado State University MPB Information Repository
One of the largest MPB Information Sites on the Web, including maps and articles

Up-to-date information about the MPB epidemic, including voluteer opportunitues

Beat the Beetles -  MPB effect on Black Hills in S.D.
Includes the Biology of the beetle, landownder guidance, maps and publications

USDA Forest Service - Bark Beetle Information Archive
Tremendous resource library including watershed and outbreak predictions

Pine Beetle Info and Message Board's MPB Information Site.  Good info for homeowners.

State of Montana MPB Information
A good clearinghouse of information, including diagnosis and management

Jefferson Country CO MPB Management
Focusing on eradication and prevention of the MPB

Environmental News Network's MPB Article Archive
Current Articles about the MPB outbreak

University of Colorado MPB and Fire Outbreaks
MPB and Fire Suppression

GIS Applications in Mountain Pine Beetle Management
GIS and Remote Sensing Applications tracking the MPB movement

Northern Front Range Mountain Pine Beetle Working Group
Works directly with Front Range Fuels Treatment, information archive

Colorado Bark Beetle Cooperative
A collaborative to address the environmental, social and economic impacts of bark beetles on high altitude forests.

Forest Health: Mountain Pine Beetle
National Park Service Pine Beetle Report

The Mountain Pine Beetle in the Black Hills
South Dakoka Department of Agriculture

Northwest Forest Health Report
Washington State University

Mountain Pine Beetle Treatment
Firms that Specilize in Treatment of the MPB Infestation

Forest Health Task Force
The Forest Health Task Force is a collaborative program that promotes forest health in Summit County

Services for Evacuees
A list of information for those directly affected by the wildfires

Parks Canada Interactive MPB Education Page
Canadian Parks Agency Educational Web Site

General Information Websites

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Mountain Pine Beetle Information Archive
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