National Interagency Fire Center
The National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC), located in Boise, Idaho, is the nation's support center for wildland firefighting. Eight different agencies and organizations are part of NIFC.

National Interagency Coordination Center
The National Interagency Coordination Center (NICC) is the focal point for coordinating the mobilization of resources for wildland fire and other incidents throughout the United States.

USDA Forest Service Active Fire Mapping Program
Fire detection maps and GIS data

Colorado State Forest Service Wildfire Information
Archive of fire and drought management

Colorado Office of Emergency Management
Up-to-date information about current Colorado wildfires

Colorado Wildfire Updates for Travelers
Travel Resource page to keep visitors up to date on tourism-specific information and contact information for tourist areas nearest to the fires.

Arizona Interagency Wildfire Prevention and Information Website
Arizona wildfire news and prevention

Idaho Fire Updates
Current news, links to local and regional wildfire resources, and fire-related stories.

Montana Current Fire Incidents
A listing and overview of current fires in Montana forests, with links to more detailed fire reports that include fire type, acres involved, and planned actions.

Nevada Division of Forestry Fire Activity Links
Information regarding wildland fires in the State of Nevada

New Mexico Fire Information
An effort by federal and state agencies in New Mexico to provide timely, accurate fire and restriction information for the entire state

Oregon Department of Forestry
Daily update that provides news about fire locations, community involvement, and containment forecasts.

Washington DNR Fire Information
Information about fire news, maps, and responding agencies.

Wyoming Fire Situation Report
The Wyoming State Forestry Division provides current information about status and active incidents in the state.
Epidemic outbreaks of native mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae; MPB) populations have affected over 1.6 million ha of predominantly lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta var. latifolia) forests in Colorado and southern Wyoming since 1996. Policy makers, forest managers, and the public are concerned that resulting tree mortality will increase fire risk (probability of fire occurrence) and fire hazard (amount and configuration of flammable fuels, and resulting fire behavior), threatening communities in the wildland-urban interface, key watersheds, and recreation-based tourism for decades to come.
              from Effects of Mountain Pine Beetle on Fuels and Expected Fire Behavior in Lodgepole Pine Forests, Colorado, USA
One of the most visible effects of the MPB is the annuals summer fire season, fueled in large part from beetle killed trees. This archive is designed to help you find specific information by state or fire, and sign up for fire and other weather emergencies in your area.
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Mountain Pine Beetle Information Archive
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