What is Choose Outdoors?

Choose Outdoors is a new coalition for outdoor recreation compiled of people and organizations who…
  • Are passionate about outdoor recreation;
  • Support public lands, waters, and the agencies charged with their care;
  • Advocates for resources to maintain our outdoor recreation infrastructure;
  • Support programs connecting Americans to the outdoors and encourage sustainable outdoor recreation.

    Our Mission
  • To promote outdoor recreation and active lifestyles through support for public lands and waters; recreation infra?structure; and programs connecting Americans to the outdoors.

    Our Vision
  • All Americans will appreciate, support and participate in a wide spectrum of outdoor recreation activities on a well?designed and maintained recreational infrastructure.

    Our Goals
  • Unify the outdoor recreation community in support of public lands and funding for recreation infrastructure;
  • Create a long?term funding strategy to ensure the future of outdoor recreation in America;
  • Increase the recreational capacity of our public lands in concert with all public land stakeholders;
  • Engage government and private sector resources in promoting the physical and mental health benefits of outdoor recreation.

    The Challenge
  • The time has come for a new alliance of outdoor interests embracing a 21st century vision of recreation management and cooperation on our public lands.

  • The inability of the recreation community to work collectively and long-standing rivalries between recreation interests have resulted in inadequate funding and focus on outdoor recreation; complicated land management policies; conflicting and contradictory messages; and frustrated legislators and constituents.

  • As long as outdoor recreation groups continue to work at cross-purposes, we will lack a strong and unified voice.

    The Opportunity
  • Times are changing and we must capitalize on opportunities to unify all who love the great outdoors. The creation of a new 21st century vision for recreation management and cooperation would be a key step toward unifying diverse recreation interests and increasing support for recreation programs and policies.

  • Most agree with the central theme, which has emerged over and over again: the increasing disconnect between people, especially young people, and the land. Coupled with this disconnect is the concern over the relevance of our public lands. These national treasures will not be relevant to Americans who have little awareness or appreciation for the benefits of our public lands. The implications of this disconnect affect physical and emotional health, stewardship, values, and economics.

  • We must take advantage of this unique opportunity to coalesce the outdoor recreation community with a common sense of purpose.

    Key Accomplishments

  • Uniting Outdoor Recreation Community

    Created partnerships and secured support from...
  • Trade Associations: National Ski Areas Association, Outdoor Industry Association, National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds, America Outdoors Association (guides and outfitters), International Mountain Biking Association and American Trail Runners Association.
  • In addition Trout Unlimited, Teddy Roosevelt Conservation Partnership and Snow Sport Industry Association have expressed interest in working with us.

    Created partnerships and secured support Uniting Outdoor Recreation Community
  • Corporations: Outside Magazine, Patton Boggs LLP, Victorinox/Swiss Army, Trans Rockies, Segway, Backpackers Pantry, The Outdoor Experience, Rogers Corporation, SVC Tech, Periscope Marketing, Jamba Juic
    Political Support
  • Supported the Senate Outdoor Recreation Caucus to focus congressional attention on our   issues with help from Senators Mark Udall (CO) and James Risch (ID). Securing additional supporters on a daily basis with help from our coalition members;

  • Organized a series of key Congressional, Obama Administration and Federal land management agency meetings with outdoor recreation community leaders to discuss Choose Outdoors priorities.

    Specific Actions Taken
  • In May 2009, Choose Outdoors embarked on a partnership with the U.S. Forest Service to evaluate the potential for bringing together diverse and active recreation interest groups in Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Utah and Alaska;

  • This pilot project brought more than 100 representatives together for our first Stakeholder Meetings. Participants included federal, state and local land managers; nonprofit organizations; corporations; media; and representatives of elected officials including senators, governors and mayors.

    Next Steps
  • We have conducted scores of meetings, engaged hundreds of stakeholders and received invaluable advice from a wide spectrum of interested parties. In order to be successful moving forward we have identified the following priorities:
  • Build the membership of Choose Outdoors to 20 to include primary and associate members, targeting hunting and fishing interests and conservation grassroots groups;
  • Increase support for the Outdoor Recreation Caucus by engaging the outdoor recreation community in securing a minimum of 75 members including members of the House and Senate;
  • Develop interconnectivity and coordination between regional recreation groups.
  • Develop specific goals and objectives for caucus and regional recreation groups.

           "Now, more than ever, it is critical we join forces to develop a 21st century vision for outdoor recreation in America. The stakes are high: the literal and figurative health of our country is at great risk. We must step forward and work together toward substantive and innovative solutions to preserve and expand our recreation legacy."

            - Bruce Ward, President and Founder of Choose Outdoors © Choose Outdoors 2011

Beetlekillinfo.org is proud to support Chooseoutdoors, a coalition for outdoor recreation compiled of people and organizations who are passionate about outdoor recreation, support public lands, waters, and the agencies charged with their care. Choose Outdoors is a national, nonprofit designed to unify the recreation community. One of their primary initiatives is Coalition Building, developing programs that bring together a specturm of recreation interests to increased cooperation and wrk towards reconnecting the American people to the land and each other through nature based, active outdoor recreation.
Thanks to Teton West Lumber Inc. for their charter support
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