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Our western forests are in crisis.  The devastation created by Mountain Pine Beetle (MPB) has forced all parties interested in healthy forest management to join efforts to understand the cause of and fight the the current outbreak. Over 100,000 tress in western North America fall each day due to the devastation of this insect; much of the fuel in the 2012 western fire outbreak are fallen beetle-killed trees. MPB infestations can develop anywhere, from wilderness areas to suburban backyards. These insects attack a variety of trees, most commonly lodgepole, ponderosa, scotch and limber pines. The state of Colorado alone has over 1.7 million acres of lodgepole pines. is dedicated to educating the public about the western pine beetle epidemic and its impacts on the health of our North American Forests. We provide the most recent information from agencies and companies committed to the management of our forest resources, as well as current fire and watershed information, commissioned reports and images to educate all who are committed to forest safety, and outdoor recreation. We also strongly promote the education and use of "blue-stain" wood, referring to the blue colorization of the wood once infected. The use of blue-stain lumber products not only helps to rid the forests of beetle-kill timber, but will help to reestablish a healthy forests throughout North America.
Mountain Pine Beetle Information Archive
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